Area Videos

Nothing gives you a feel for a place like seeing in live on TV! Here are some videos taken from around the area. The ocean, town and all the fun events we have. Please come stay with us soon.

Western Pleasure Guest Ranch, Idaho

#2018 Western Pleasure Guest Ranch located in Sandpoint Idaho

10 Amazing Places in Sandpoint, Idaho

#2043 Amazing Places in Sandpoint Idaho

Brianna's Family Vacation Prize

#1749 Western Pleasure Guest Ranch -- Brianna's Family Vacation Prize

Garfield Bay House 3D

#1751 Tour the amazing Garfield Bay House in Sandpoint, Idaho!

Hayden - Sandpoint - Idaho in 4K

#2045 Overview of Hayden, Sandpoint Idaho

Idaho, Sandpoint - Weekend Getaways S1E4 - Idaho Adventures

#2046 Idaho, Sandpoint - Weekend Getaways S1E4 - Idaho Adventures

Introducing the new Colburn Triple

#2058 Promotional video of Schweitzer Mountain Resort

Lakeview Mountain Getaway 3D

#1746 Come check out the Lakeview Mountain Getaway in beautiful Idaho state.

Neachen Bay House 3D

#1753 Explore the scenic Neachen Bay House in Harrison, ID

North Idaho TravelCast: Sandpoint, Idaho

#2052 Promotional video of Sandpoint Idaho!

Ponder Point Chateau 3D

#1761 A gorgeous chateau, gib enough for 18 people!

Sandpoint - Its the people

#2049 A brief look on People of Sandpoint

Sandpoint, Idaho under sweet Schweitzer Mountain along Lake Pend Oreille

#2047 Overview of Sanadpoint Idaho

Sandpoint, Idaho: Lovin' this Place

#2044 Sandpoint Idaho Overview

Schweitzer Mountain - 2018-2019 End of season Highlights

#1989 2018-2019 End of season Highlights

Schweitzer Mountain - 2019 ISAA Summer Village Fun

#1988 ISAA Summer Village Fun at Schweitzer Mountain.

Schweitzer Mountain - E Bike Tours

#1986 E Bike Tours at Beautiful Schweitzer Mountain

Schweitzer Mountain - Summer biking

#1987 Summer biking at beautiful Schweitzer Mountain Resort

Schweitzer Mountain - Work Where You Play

#1985 Hiring for the 2019/20 winter season

Schweitzer Mountain Resort 1-13-2020

#2055 Promotional video of Schweitzer Mountain resort
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